Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garage Sale Bargains

Any parent knows the disgusted feeling of spending tons of money on toys for kids only to realize they either don't like it or it doesn't really function as advertised. Lucky for me, I found an alternative ~ garage sale finds!! If you're going to start buying from garage sales, just know that you will encounter many many yucky toys that should have been thrown away or burned years ago BUT believe me when I tell you, if you stick with it, you'll hit the jackpot. Just go into it knowing you'll have to kiss a lot of frogs! Your best bet is to keep on the look out for local community sales in family-friendly neighborhoods. School fundraiser and church sales are great too! I usually have a list in mind of things I know the kids would like and I'm shocked every time when I find just what I was looking for! I also stock up for holidays and always end up with some pretty great stuff. With Easter on the way, I'll give the kids each one nice toy like the Leap Frog TAG and books above for my daughter and then fill in with some other things like books  and dvds (also so easy and inexpensive when you find them at a garage sale). So, I found this at a recent garage sale for $5.00! It came with the Leap Frog TAG, instructional DVD, adapter cord, 3 compatible books and an adorable pink and green bag! I priced this on Amazon at $24.99 for the reader pen and around $10 each for the books = $54.99! She'll love this and could care less that the "Bunny" shops at garage sales. Yay!!!


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