Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To Do Board for Work

I have spent a long time working out the best system of staying organized at work. It can be very challenging because like many people, my job is constantly changing, and I'm always switching gears. One thing I've found really useful is this giant dry erase board that I keep above my desk. I use it to keep my weekly and monthly projects tracked. I was finding I was getting sidetracked with other unexpected projects and my weekly to do's kept getting pushed back. Now I have a list of things I MUST do for the week and then I can fill in with some of the monthly tasks.

The nine motivators at the top of the board are from a TED talk online that I found really interesting. It was about the qualities of successful people and I thought it might make a good reminder. Of course, like everything else on the board, I change out the motivators as needed.


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