Monday, April 9, 2012

No Sew Sock Bunny

Oh my gosh, Easter is over and my Easter crafts are officially finished! I spent the weekend dyeing eggs, dipping marshmallows, decorating Easter egg cupcakes and making this fun little no sew sock bunny. The one above is the one I made with my little boy, Ryan. He didn't want anything too colorful, so we made his brown and added a black bow. I don't sew but boy can I glue!

Here's how I made it:

Step 1: Fill your sock with dried beans. You'll want to fill it just above the heel.

Step 2: Tie off your sock with a rubber band. You'll want to pick a color that blends with your sock.

Step 3: Cut the cuff down to the rubber band. Hot glue the side seams (see where my white dots are)    but leave the top seam open. Pull apart a few cotton balls and stuff down into the bunny ears. Seal the tips of the ears with hot glue. Oh, I didn't do this, but you could put a pipe cleaner in each ear to make it bendable.

Step 4: Now add eyes and a nose and tie a bow around the neck (you'll have to push around the beans a little). I used scrapbook brads with the stems cut off for his buttons, but you can use anything. I painted on the whiskers with white acrylic paint. You could add silk flowers to the ears, real buttons, ric rac ~ pretty much anything. Oh, don't forget the tail! If you want a smaller bunny, just use a pair of kid's socks.

These are really easy to do!


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