Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Digital Cupcake Pick Topper Template

I've never made or used cupcake picks before, but after this project, I can see the sky will be the limit with these fun little toppers! I created these blank circles for the kids to fill out with any kind of picture they wanted. Since they are kind of small circles, you may want to stick to pens and markers. You can do a theme (draw all faces, animals, flowers, bugs) for kids or, if you have a more grown up party, write words that have meaning to the event or party recipient. This is the page I gave each of them to fill out.

I just printed out two and let them have at it! Emmy was happy to pose with her's. Ryan, well...not so much.

Then we cut out all of the circles and attached them with a piece of tape to a straw. You can then hold them up to a finished cupcake to determine how long you want to keep the straw and then trim it.
Here's what all of our finished cupcake picks looked like.

We finished all the cupcake picks and frosted the cupcakes. I got out all of my many many many jars of sprinkles and let the kids go crazy. They didn't turn out really fancy, but the kids loved explaining all of the pictures to their Dad when he saw them.

Enjoy your cupcake picks!!


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