Thursday, June 21, 2012

Download a Free Digital Gift Card Holder Template

With Sean's birthday on the way, I wanted to make him a custom gift card holder because he will be getting....a gift card! Actually, as Florida residents, we get season passes to Sea World with one day's admission so we'll probably go there to celebrate his birthday. Because his birthday is so close to Father's Day, it's hard to come up with something good to get him so I'm going with the never fail gift card! I designed this custom holder just to make it a little more fun and personal. I'm also going to bake some cupcakes and grab some sprinkles and let the kids decorate them instead of a big cake.

This is how you assemble it:
See #1. - fold these tabs and put a small piece of double stick tape to close the sides
See #2. - fold this tab and put a small piece of double stick tape to close your card holder


After you download your plain gift card holder, you can personalize it by adding your own photo or type. You can leave the circle on the back blank or type in the gift card amount. 
Hope you enjoy!



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